Why choose this offer?

A brand sends signals which consumers absorb and interpret according to the market, their beliefs, their consumption habits and their experience.

Through a global mix marketing analysis, ConsumerLab seeks to understand the brand territory and values as perceived by the consumer to pinpoint the strengths, weakness and the areas of differentiation.

This analysis enables us to assist our customers in designing or revamping their brand platform, including reworking their brand identity and optimizing their communication.

Introducing our approach

Thanks to an analysis of all the communications and product offers, we develop a brand platform (its purpose, its values, its promise, its personality) to identify areas for innovation upon which the brand can build its market differentiation.


  • Collect all the existing data and elements related to the brand
  • Gather all the communications and product offers


  • Prepare an evaluation of brand territory and identity
  • Analyze its strengths, weaknesses and possible areas of development


  • Survey consumers on their perceptions of all the signals sent by the brand and its major competitors


  • Provide advice to marketing teams on optimization strategies to implement (brand extension, repositioning).

Rethink your marketing strategy


Improve your image and your positioning
Reposition your brand in your market
Expand innovation into new territories
Rethink your communication strategy

Case studies


Delphine COHEN

Brand Innovation Manager

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