Why choose this offer?

The “Uses and Attitudes” survey is used to assess consumer attitudes and opinions and their purchasing habits of a certain product or service, including highlighting met or unmet expectations.

This data and its evolution over time enables the pinpointing of opportunities and the reorientation of a brand’s marketing strategy, from R&D to communication strategy.

ConsumerLab offers to create a detailed overview of consumer attitudes, (what they think) their uses, (what they do) and their motivations (what they want) using multidisciplinary methods and through tailored assistance in applying the lessons.

Introducing our approach

The success of our approach is based on understanding the priorities to examine and an end-to-end assistance in terms of information collection (ethnology, qualitative and quantitative approach) and putting the results into practice.


  • Use a qualitative approach to understand all the perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and expectations.


  • Validate behaviors through quantitative studies (online, consumer log) to identify the market penetration of consumed products or used services.


  • Pinpoint drivers to recruit new targets
  • Determine why customers switch brands
  • Adapt the communication strategy


  • Undertake typological and persona analyses, taking into account both attitudinal (contributing factors) and behavioral criteria (variable to explain)

Identify the expectations to transform into opportunitie


Segment consumers

Pinpoint market opportunities

Establish a marketing strategy

Understand purchasing criteria

Case studies


Aurélien GRAGNIC

ConsumerLab Associate Director

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