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Working alongside you to design and implement a simple, streamlined and effective customer experience by anticipating the ever-changing behavior and needs of your customers, in line with your business model

The idea of value creation by the customer is not a new one. The idea of making the customer journey a key management strategy was only recently brought to light by players of the ‘new economy’. New companies such as Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and Nespresso have placed customer experience at the heart of their competitive strategy.
Customers (B2C, B2B and B2B2C) are now multichannel and want the brand/supplier to provide streamlined solutions tailored to their preferences.
The Voice of the Customer will increasingly influence the future strategy and current daily practices within companies.
This challenge requires a company to elaborate an end-to-end vision of the customer journey, to “de-silo” its organization structure, adopt collaborative work methods, innovate its suite of services (Design Thinking, etc) and transform its culture, organizational methods, practices and tools.
Underpinning this transformation is therefore a critical and complex subject that calls for a wide range of expertise: relationship strategy, customer marketing, digital and technological transformation, organization, operational best practices, change management, etc.
Colorado and its ecosystem embody this wealth of expertise.



Surpassing customer expectations to build a sustainable and valuable relationship


Acting with a sense of customer service and fostering an efficient, pragmatic, rigorous and honest approach


Thinking outside the box to impress our customers, stay ahead of our competitors and build value


We say what we do and do what we say

Team spirit

Aligning with our customers’ priorities and engaging with their teams


Realizing our projects while upholding our customers’ individual values and culture


million euros turnover




projects realized


satisfied customers



Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director

Aurélien GRAGNIC

ConsumerLab Associate Director

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