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The Observatory of Digital Usages is a permanent mechanism for observing daily usage of new technologies by French people.
This mechanism allows for the study of appropriation methods of new usages through global/sectoral qualitative and quantitative surveys. The end goal is to better understand new usages and to detect weak signals, new services and relationships as a result.

The challenge for brands is adopting the culture of connected consumers more than their tools.

The approach

The applied methodology follows an articulation enabling to define the social determinants of digitalization, to understand the link between the professional and personal spheres and identify the values and expectations required by various consumer categories.


  • Theme: how do we become connected?
  • Interview 30 participants
  • Gather customer perceptions via an online platform
  • 6 weeks in the field


  • Theme: “Live my connected life”
  • Interview 15 participants
  • Interviewees are filmed
  • Real role-playing


  • Quantify the influence of digitalization dynamics
  • Interview 1000 individuals
  • Gather opinions via online panel
  • Validation of segments statistics


  • Summarize information
  • Offer decoding keys
  • Approach 1: how does digital spread and change behavior?
  • Approach 2: what are the future trends in 5 years?


Identify expectations

Observe the personal, interpersonal and professional sphere: 
Which sphere determines usage? What differences are there according to the targets? Where are the new gestures and new social norms that will impact the business relationship universe being created?

Explore usages

Investigate usages rather than perceptions, expectations and desires: 
The key question is “how do you do it? “, instead of “what do you think?”


Aurélien GRAGNIC

ConsumerLab Associate Director

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