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Implementation and hosting of a Voice of the Customer program for a French bank specializing in premium automotive financial services (3000 employees and 30 billion euros of finance).

The initiative consisted of customer relationship and transactional surveys grouped in a unique technology platform, enabling the data to be centralized and distributed within the organization.

“The danger is that a ‘Voice of the Customer program’ becomes a ‘tick the box’ mentality.”

Introducing the approach

The applied methodology is based on a SaaS technology platform offering a portfolio of bespoke services (Research, Consulting, Training, IT) and is adapted to Voice of the Customer Programs in an international context

Mobilize and Prioritize

  • SStructure the governance
  • Define customer segments
  • Prioritize customer journeys
  • Validate the deliverables and tools


  • Identify customer pain points (mapping)
  • Explore root causes (qualitative)
  • Build action plans together (workshops)
  • Define quick win and long term actions

Listen and React

  • Draft the questionnaires
  • Choose the indicators
  • Determine customer contact processes
  • Automate the reports and Recovery Act


  • Validate the change management plan
  • Revamp the processes and organization
  • Train the teams
  • Track performance over time


Develop customer culture

Provide managers with a solution, enabling them to track customer satisfaction in real time and understand their expectations in order to launch tangible improvement actions.

Transform the organization

Put forward solutions at a process level to streamline and simplify the customer journeys and at an employee level to develop interpersonal skills.


Aurélien GRAGNIC

ConsumerLab Associate Director

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