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Under the framework of an ambitious program to create the new customer relationship benchmark for banking in France, a leading bank in its sector (30,000 employees, 7 million customers, 2,000 branches) entrusted us with the design and implementation of a multichannel Customer Feedback Management system, (branch network, web site, customer service) with the aim to significantly increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Our goal is to increase the number of very satisfied customers by 20%, or 1 out of 2 customers.

The approach

The applied methodology is based on a SaaS technology platform offering a portfolio of bespoke services (Research, Consulting, Training, IT) and is adapted to the challenges of a network of branches.


  • Select the channels to test
  • Draft the questionnaires and scenarios
  • Test the channels in real situations
  • Analyze the rate of return


  • Identify the governance bodies
  • Prioritize key moments
  • Lay out customer contact processes
  • Automate the deliverables and the Recovery Act


  • Work with Business, IT and Branch management to design the mechanism
  • Present the challenges and discuss the goals
  • Implement training media
  • Take in to account on the ground feedback to modify the program


  • Enlarge the scope of the mechanism to include new targets, moments of truth
  • Develop applicable innovations
  • Adapt to organizational changes
  • Discuss and share the ROI


Win back the detractors

Put into place a systematic callback program for unhappy customers for each moment of truth to anticipate the churn rate and negative word-of-mouth

Develop customer culture

Provide managers with a solution enabling them to track customer satisfaction in real time and understand their expectations in order to launch tangible improvement actions


Aurélien GRAGNIC

ConsumerLab Associate Director

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