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It is not enough to talk, you have to talk right.

William Shakespeare

Our offer

The future of companies is innovation. However, it is an uncertain and complex process. 50% of new products disappear 2 years after they are launched.

In order to assist companies throughout their innovation process, ConsumerLab has developed an approach to test offer and product concepts and brand communication according to key success factors. This method allows your innovations to be positioned in a matrix to work on their optimization thanks to creative techniques. This approach is easy to implement, allowing to identify the potential of your concepts and effectively guide your communication.

Our approach

Consumer Lab assists its customers by evaluating concepts and communication based on 5 key success factors. These key factors can be evaluated by using a qualitative and quantitative method which leads to very precise recommendations on optimization strategies.


  • Test concepts, ideas or communications through individual evaluation and focus group


  • Analyze innovations through an analysis grid based on 5 key success factors


  • Establish a complete diagnosis of each of the concepts and evaluate their potential
  • Propose specific recommendations to optimize proposals


  • Test the reworked concepts using a quantitative methodology that includes success factors


  • Identify the concepts with the greatest potential for their development

Optimize your innovations and communication campaigns


Identify the key success factors
Position your innovations
Get precise optimization suggestions
Redesign your communications

Case studies


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director


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