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The emergence of digital champions (Amazon, Nespresso, Netflix) has considerably increased the level of demand. For a well-informed and continuously connected digital customer, the offer or the service is no longer compared to the competition, but rather in light of the previous best experience.

Responsiveness, digital ergonomics and simplicity have become standards.
Customers no longer just expect a seamless journey across all channels, but one that is contextualized and suited to their aspirations, whether explicit or not.

Introducing our approach

Our approach is based on understanding customers’ expectations and aspirations, making these the company’s priority concerns. First, our initiative aims to retrace the customer’s experience throughout their journey, then to together put forward and build concrete solutions with a clear return on investment.


  • Identify the expectations and aspirations (explicit or inexplicit)
  • Map the customer journeys
  • Uncover the pain points, moments of truth and missed opportunities


  • Validate customer relationship intentions
  • Choose the must win battles
  • Co-design and host conceptual workshops
  • Prioritize according to expected customer benefits


  • Evaluate the ROI’s feasibility
  • Prioritize the projects to develop
  • Determine the roadmap and related action plan

Give your customers a unique experience


Streamline customer journeys
Boost customer loyalty
Strengthen the customer centric culture

Case studies


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director

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