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Why choose this offer?

Brands’ levers of differentiation have been thrown into disarray.

  • The product itself is no longer the sole gauge of value
  • Consumers are exposed to an extremely wide range of offers: hyper choice
  • Today, no branch of activity is safe from a serious rupture in its economic model

With this backdrop, customer experience becomes the major sustainable and profitable lever of differentiation.
Experience design therefore aims to develop more emotional and differentiated offers through an intimate understanding of customer’s practices and expectations, including a prospective analysis of societal trends.

Introducing our approach

We work alongside you through an initiative which perfectly balances creativity and economic realism. Our approach capitalizes on design thinking principles to mould an innovative experience. Its field of application is vast. It covers not only the complete rethinking of your value proposition and creation of a communication medium, but also the design of a point of sales experience and a new customer loyalty program.


Collect 360° insights, sociological trends, voice of the customer, ethnographic observations, interviews on benchmarking and data analytics.


Prepare and deploy: functional specifications, road map, project management and communication plan.


Generate breakthrough ideas by applying design thinking principles, working together with the customer, conceptual workshops, concept board and storytelling


Try out innovative concepts, concept testing, UX design, prototyping, economic modelling and technical feasibility studies.

Propel your offers in the future


Innovation and differentiation

Case studies



Consulting Associate Director

Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director

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