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Why choose this offer?

Innovating and offering new products and services is today at the heart of company strategy.

Think Forward, our bespoke analysis tool, generates breakthrough ideas and extends the field of vision beyond a project.

Think Forward is a tool for both analysis and taking action, decoding trends and emerging practices through the major socio-marketing trends and acquiring credible innovations by placing the consumer at the heart of the innovation process.

Think Forward is based on a unique methodological approach to shed light on today’s trends and foster your ideas for tomorrow.

Introducing our approach

ConsumerLab, in partnership with l’Argus de la presse, analyses 1,200 blogs, 11,000 French and English print publications and 150 millions websites pertaining to the nine major socio-marketing trends. This analysis comes hand in hand with a partnership approach, helping you along your path to innovation.


  • Identify the issue, the target to investigate and the search perimeter
  • Target the sourcing and the themes to explore


  • Decode and analyze the trends and innovations affecting your sector pertaining to major socio-marketing trends
  • Analyze and position your innovations according to the identified trends


  • Design new products, services and communication media through joint workshops, combining customer teams and final consumers.


  • Apply the results of joint workshops internally
  • Test the innovations of the approach in a quick and intelligent way

Design innovative offers


Identify emerging trends
Position your innovations
Pinpoint opportunities
Construct and develop new ideas

Case studies


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director

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