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Why choose this offer?

Faced with intense competition, having a deep understanding of customer expectations has become a key priority for companies looking to set themselves apart and offer new services.

A Voice of the Customer program is a structured approach for continuous improvement based on customer feedback. The goal is to be able to use, analyze and summarize assorted data to create a bird’s-eye view of the customer experience in order to roll-out personalized action plans.

ConsumerLab offers bespoke tools based on a structured approach which can be adapted to companies’ business challenges.

Introducing our approach

The goal of a Voice of the Customer scheme is to recentre the organization, the process and the offers around customer needs. A Voice of the Customer program is not simply another project or the introduction of a new KPI, it is a new business process which is an integral part of the transformation project,


  • Collect Customer feedback to evaluate the level of perceived quality
  • Re-engage the customer in unacceptable situations


  • Identify the drivers of customer satisfaction
  • AAnalyze the root cause problems


  • Pinpoint the changes to implement to boost customer loyalty and generate revenue


  • Guide the transformation projects
  • Mobilize and involve teams

Enchant your customer experience


Build customer loyalty

Increase your turnover

Restructure organization

Improve customer knowledge


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director

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