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The relationship signature is the “background hum” that stays in the customer’s mind following brand interaction.

Why choose this offer?

The relationship signature is a way of expressing brand values through consideration, industry-specific approaches, called relationship markers. This approach has twin-goals: to affirm the bond between employees of a brand by unifying them under shared and distinct values and to enhance customer experience by setting the brand apart from the competition. Creating a relationship signature requires an meticulous analysis of current customer journeys to pinpoint key moments in the customer experience, thereby increasing satisfaction and neutralizing pain points. Building relationship markers is based on these key moments. Employees must be given autonomy to adopt these industry approaches and use them based on the customers and situations. The essential is offering a bespoke experience in line with the brand’s identity, thus giving the brand a unique edge in the mind of the customer.

Introducing our approach

Defining the relationship signature relies on the mapping and analysis of customer journeys. It is necessary to pinpoint key moments in the journey which enhance the customer experience and brand intentions so as to know what impression to leave with customers. Relationship markers are the practical expressions of these intentions at key moments.


  • Map customer journeys
  • Pinpoint customer relationship intentions
  • Define a relationship style
  • Adopt a signature


  • Determine the journey’s key moments
  • Construct relationship markers
  • Realize these markers
  • Distribute these markers across all channels


  • Test the markers in the teams
  • Train employees
  • Announce the new signature
  • Adapt to the situation


  • Follow the roll-out
  • Lead the marker application
  • Share best practices
  • Breath new life into the signature over time

Give your customers a unique experience


Customer loyalty and commitment
Sustainable differentiation with the competition
Solidarity between employees

Case studies


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director

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