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Why choose this offer?

The goal of this approach is to create a global customer relationship vision and rise to meet the key challenges of seamless customer relationship in five essential areas :

  • Predict future needs and specifically new modes of interaction made possible by digital tools
  • Renew the customer experience during each interaction, whether it is at the point of contact (online, in-store, remotely or in your customer’s home) by expanding your organization’s borders.
  • Challenge your company’s current organization and customer relationship promise on every channel
  • Streamline customer journeys and improve contact flow management (cost, productivity and relevance).

Introducing our approach

In order to develop a Client Relationship strategy, knowing your customers’ assessment of your current relationship offer and where improvement opportunities lie are essential foundations for delivering relevant recommendations on the mechanism’s evolution. Creating an accurate picture of customer journeys enables us to pinpoint the relevant needs of various contacts (in store and/or remotely) and the most appropriate processing methods. It is important to adopt a test and learn approach, harvesting recommendations from a business case to get the entire organization united towards collective goals (customer satisfaction, productivity and feedback quality).


  • Analyze organization and perform a benchmark of best practices
  • Map and analyze customer journeys (physical, remote and digital)
  • Validate the guiding principles and relational promise
  • Define the service commitments (accessibility, quality standards)


  • Build organizational and customer relationship management scenarios (flow distribution, responsibilities, cost distribution and mix-channel diagrams).
  • Choose the scenarios
  • Detail the macro processing procedures and needs if related to application


  • Detail the target in terms of the customer relationship in 3 years
  • Assess and prioritize pinpointed projects (gains/feasibility)
  • Build and validate a roadmap together
  • During the pilot phase, outline the needs and performance measure indicators to facilitate the customer’s decisions afterwards.

Elevate your customer strategy


Enhance customer experience
unite the organization towards a common goal
Develop customer autonomy and digital channels
Realize productivity gains

Case studies


Vincent PLACER

Consulting Associate Director


Consulting Associate Director


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