ConsumerLab offers Feedback Management solutions adapted to the specific needs of players involved in customer experience within the company: Customer Service, Branches, E-commerce, home visits and door-to-door sales, Employee program, VOC program.

Explanatory approach

Feedback Management facilitates the collection of live feedback at every key moment to distribute the feedback in real time within organizations and online, engage with the detractors and promoters with personalized action and analyze the results in order to determine transformation plans.

To achieve this goal, we have developed ConsumerLive, a SaaS technology platform offering a portfolio of bespoke services:


Consulting : Developing and putting mechanisms into place, auditing customer journeys and employee pathways, end-to-end project management, action plan assistance


Research: Choosing the right moment to contact customers, KPIs and bespoke questionnaires, performance analysis, making a scorecard available, performing benchmarking and ad-hoc qualitative or quantitative research.


IT: configuring and personalizing tools, hosting, maintenance and securing of data, scalable release and developing bespoke features


Training: dDesigning e-learning tools and personalized training, user assistance and support (hotline), change management plan assistance



A SaaS technology platform (agile, scalable and secure) which integrates effortlessly with your information systems developed by our R&D team



Solutions and features that meet the specific needs of various players involved in the world of Customer Experience


“Best in class” experience in implementing VOC and Feedback Management solutions for industry leaders in France and abroad


An ecosystem of partners to provide you with a 360° service (semantic analysis, online opinion sharing and mutlichannel collection)

Key figures

Programs in progress




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