Develop the human capital

The development of human capital represents the key success factor for winning customer preference in a complex, shifting and uncertain environment.

Explanatory approach

We train and support your teams to convey a memorable experience to your customers (whether remotely or face-to-face), in step with their ever-evolving expectations, while remaining consistent with your innovation and competitivity challenges.

The “transactional” approach no longer suffices to pleasantly surprise your customers and build loyalty. It is more essential than ever to share the new challenges of a premium value-added and one-of-a-kind customer relationship, by excelling in emotional and situational intelligence.

We are privileged partners of major groups who have repositioned the customer at the core of their strategy. They must mobilize and professionalize their teams to rise to these new challenges to become the benchmark in a highly competitive market undergoing constant transformation.



Design and roll-out entirely bespoke blended learning training and support mechanisms for the transformation.

Analyze professional practices and pinpoint the priority areas of improvement to target in order to offer an adapted mechanism and meet the identified progress goals by harnessing the best performing methods.

Develop a fun, interactive, behavioral and operational pedagogy.

Choose an experimental approach with 20% theory/discussion in collective coach mode and 80% job role-playing (real or not) with personalized debriefing. Put forward diverse tools and methods to promote learning, develop the joy of learning and cement winning reflexes.

Conduct post-training support to optimize the application of newly-learned skills

Validate the operational application of said skills via collective and/or individual feedback in person or from distance. Equip Managers to optimize their support role and to monitor the progress of their employees more effectively.

Réengager les ManagersRe-engage managers

Given that you cannot have happy customers without happy employees, we always involve managers in our mechanisms to safeguard operational application and to help them to support their employees’ progress in an empathetic yet firm manner.

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Jean-François COHEN

Training Associate Director

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